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Mango Protection Bags

Diyaan Agritech offering mango protection bags with effective & timely delivery. Mango protection bags is a double layer bag in which outer brown paper is of 50-55 GSM, inner black paper is of 30-35 GSM and size of bag is 18cm X 30cm. This bag is fully Waterproof, Moisture proof, Breathable, Bio-Degradable.

Product Specification :

Color : Brown
Material : Paper
Speciality : Mango Protection Bags
Style : With Wire, Without Wire
GSM : 38 - 55, 33 - 55

Advantages Of Mango Protection Bags :

  • The bag is sealed with iron wire, which strongly resist wind.
  • Fruits can breathe can inside the bag & The bag paper is waterproof against rain.
  • The bag can avoid fruits being hurt by strong sunshine, germs, birds & files.
  • Help fruits get colour, increase sugar, promote maturity and weight.
  • Bag helps create a uniform colour & avoid shading.
  • Avoids the wastage cause from various climatic conditions.
  • Bag helps to maintaine a constant temperature inside which helps the fruit grow faster.
  • Helps to grow the fruit in an organic way.
  • Bags can be reused if used with proper care.

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